January 30, 2003

A random night...

What a random night it's been tonight. I stayed in and did boring stuff while Ant and Russ went out and got bladdered. Ant came back and had succeded in his getting bladdered mission. Just as he was about pass out, I decided we should go outside. So, we went for a wander... with Ant's glass of water.

First we avoided the drunk violent people who were knocking down bins (good job we take our bin around to the back of our house like proper residents). We went to the park, which we've never been to before, and found more drunk people. Odd. Then we found the canal, which was in the way of where we wanted to go. It smelt as well.

So, we set off again.

Under a low railbridge, at about the same time a huuuuge coal train went over (ouch). And past some weird and wonderful industrial sites... cement mixing places (ooooh exciting) and overnight couriers doing the overnight bit. And a railway carriage on the back of a big lorry with tracks on it. Oh, and a caravan with a man wearing a high-vis jacker sleeping in it. I forget what other exciting things there were - but there were many.

Eventually, while looking for a main road to get out, we arrived at a big security gate affair so thought we'd better turn around.

Then we came back and had lashings and lashings of ginger ale. No, I lie, I'd drunk all of that earlier.

I'm sorry there aren't any photos, but the camera wasn't with us for this randomness - which probably won't seem random tommorrow, oh well. Such is random.

Posted by Ed at January 30, 2003 04:06 AM

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