May 01, 2003

BodyParts Quiz the results are in...

Well the closing date was today. So here are the results... boo to all those who were too embarrased to answer :-)

You'd be suprised how many people don't know an arse from my elbow...

Ed - Elbow joint thingy Russ - Knee Joint thingy
Ant - Palm Russ - Sole of Foot
Ed - Back of Neck Ant - Eye
Russ - Bellybutton Ed - Ankle
Ant - Ear
So now you know...!

The winner wished to remain anonymous. But his/her prize will be winging it's way to him/her shortly. The winning score was 13 out of 18. The lowest score was 4/18, that's quite pathetic :D

Anyway, so there you go!
Posted by Ed at May 1, 2003 06:27 PM

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