May 19, 2003


Wow... the site hasn't died :) Thank god I hear you cry!

Well as most of the readers of this blog will know, it's exam season, and with exam season comes revison avoidance :)

Ant went to Homebase earlier today and bought some sillyc*nt sealant and some expand-a-foam. The aim of this was to stop the evil drafts and the evil spiders (apparently spiders are evil according to them two :)).

So far:

  • The living room window has been sealed - although we did have issues with the window sill coming off the wall in my hands, whoops.
  • The area around the sink has been sealed - now when spillage occurs water will not disappear off down into the depths of boiler world. Doing this involved us removing the whole of the work-surface... so we've also:
    • put the lid back on the boiler
    • found what our magic isolator with neon lamp switch did - it's turns on a plug-socket behind the washing machine... the washing machine has now been plugged into this :)
  • The fire blanket has been attatched to the side of the cupboard - where it should be, after it was over looked when the kitchen was redone. I've also had the fire blanket out for it's 1 year inspection, it passed with flying colours.
  • We've made a shelf - that goes above the oven, using the spare wood from Russ's bed fix. We've put hooks in this, and it now has pans hanging from it, thus saving space in our cupboards.

No photos 'cause I couldn't be arsed. Over all it's been quite a productive day :)

Most of the stuff we've done recently has been DIY related. I really really really will put up all the piccys and writeups on the site after the exams :) I promise :)

You can look forward to... (released on a whole time delay thing as to not excite you all too much at once...)

  • Ant goes blonde
  • The power cut!
  • Mending Russ's laptop
  • Painting the bin
  • Mending the bit of metal
  • Drilling the plant pot
and finailly...
  • Mending Russ's bed
We have been busy creatures...
Posted by Ed at May 19, 2003 12:35 AM
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