November 19, 2002

Ed is 21

It was my 21st birthday yesterday.
If you were lucky enough to be in the office or online at the time when I decided that we should all go out for a curry then well done :) If you weren't I apologise for not inviting you. No really I do, I would have loved for more of you to come. We might have not all fitted in the curry house but that doesn't matter! Thanks to all who came! If you would like to go out for my 21 and a week curry next week feel free to contact me.
Right some photos... not that we took many.
Ant's Gran made me a Triffle! Thanks!
John's Home brew
John's home brew has been brought out for the occasion - ours isn't ready yet :(
Ed and John
Picture of Ed and John as taken by John... (just so you know he isn't stroking the camera person)
Ed and Alf
Ed and Tom (aka Alf)
Reading material
Reading material...
See you all next year.... or maybe next week :D
Posted by Ed at November 19, 2002 06:11 PM

Sadly I missed all the fun and shananigans as I was stuck in a 3 and a half hour Karnival meeting choosing next years exec. Apparently I missed a bloody good curry. We'll have to go again some time. Plus can I publically apologise to Ed.

Posted by: Russ on November 21, 2002 01:28 AM
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