January 09, 2003

News Flash : Bad Blender

We are currently preparing some pate (details to follow) in our nice new kitchen (details to follow also). Unfortunately, the blade in our loving blender didn't rotate. So, Ant and I were trying to free it up - by hand with it off the blender base with tools and everything. The blender base was turned to the off position. Suddenly it sounded like 5 Nov was going on behind me all over again.

The base unit of the blender was on fire! Arse! Luckily we had the camera there (taking pictures of pate manufacturing) to bring you pictures of this breaking news.


See that nice black bit, that was a 0.1uF capacitor once upon a time, I kid you not.
Donations of a new blender would be much appreciated.

It would also appear that the pate is going to be a coarse as our language during the whole episode.
Posted by Ed at January 9, 2003 11:40 PM


Suffice to say the pate has turned out slightly more coarse than our language... a trip to Comet is planned for the morning, er, afternoon.

Posted by: Russ on January 10, 2003 02:05 AM
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