January 10, 2003

New Kitchen

Finally we have taken pictures of our new kitchen, and amid the fires we have placed them on the web.

We now have a nice moulded sink - and angled work surfaces! Take note of the back of the sink where the tiles stop. This sink is lower than the last one.

Nice sink
Classic bodge this. "We'll cut away half the architrave because the cupboard won't fit, and screw the cupboard to the door frame. No one will notice... " Think we may have to start a sweepstake as to when it'll fall off the wall.
What do you mean it won't fit?
The level of these cupboards has dropped. Look we can't change our central heating times now. It's a pity we had it set on a "don't freeze the pipes" mode instead of "don't freeze the people" mode over the Christmas break.
Central heating control
This pipe was from the old units. But it's obviously too short for the new ones... that's why it now has to rest on the edge of the hole, or the whole lot collapses.

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