March 27, 2003

Time Lapse of last night

We recorded every image from the webcam during the duration of last night and now we can show you the... (more...)
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March 26, 2003


Humm... Monopoly was over quicker than we thought, with Charlotte beating us all :( So it's time for Pictionary... with... (more...)
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Monopoly night

We are playing monopoly tonight, and for a brief time only (not availiable in the shops) we've got... MonopolyCam... woo... (more...)
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March 22, 2003


Some yoofs decided to have a bonfire down the road... Out of control? We think so.... (more...)
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March 16, 2003


Not content with just having a blog for the house. I've decided to branch out and have my very own... (more...)
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March 11, 2003

Washing machine mended!

Cool, a nice man has been and fixed the washing machine. It washes clothes now and everything. We congratulate our... (more...)
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March 09, 2003

RIP DiscoBall Cam, Long live HighJuice Cam

Right, that's enough of DiscoBall Cam, so we've decided to have HighJuice Cam - we're monitoring how often Ant drinks... (more...)
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March 07, 2003

Broken Cupboard

Our plate and other random stuff cupboard fell apart :( Bit annoying. There's nobody called Bob living here, but we... (more...)
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March 05, 2003


It's a bit late I know... but hey... Yesturday was pancake day... so guess what? The magic pancake mix. Add... (more...)
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