January 11, 2003

Blender Shopping

A new blender is obviously required - because we've only wanted to use the one we've had once while we've been here. So, we go blender shopping. Now, there was meant to be pictures of us looking for blenders and the like but Russ was against this as it would appear he gets embarrassed easily. Not that buying a blender at 7.30pm was an embarrassing enough experience for us - especially with most of the staff laughing at us already. But then they didn't even try to sell us £50 insurance for out 18 quid purchase... humpfh...
Free advertising : even though your staff weren't very professional about the whole transaction.
After visiting McDonald's on the way home (no photos, we didn't dare take any 'cause Owen's replacement scares us) we walk past a shop that we wish our landlady had seen...
Why buy flatpack? When you can buy handmade from £3999
Good question...
We then visit the pub and Phil arrives!
I'll take a photo of you, if you take a photo of me.
Cool, the pate story can now be finished!
Posted by Ed at January 11, 2003 03:54 PM

I never used to work at 7:30pm, so whoever it was was not my replacment!

Posted by: Owen on January 27, 2003 07:35 PM
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