October 27, 2002

Stupid Spam

Right, so we're drunk and get hungry... looking in the cupboard we find some more spam. This time the proper... (more...)
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October 25, 2002

Pickled Onions

Once again, it's a hunger strikes thing. So following the theme of odd foods... we try pickled onions.... (more...)
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October 20, 2002


It's late at night and we get hungry... spam seems to be the only logical way of feeding the hunger,... (more...)
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October 18, 2002

Update on the Flood

The waters have gone... the smell remains :(... (more...)
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October 17, 2002


We get drunk and start playing with our new toy - MServ. And then to rate our drunkness we play... (more...)
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October 15, 2002


Humm... looks like there has been a flood - oh dear...... (more...)
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