November 29, 2002

Hot or not?

After getting pisannoyed with my computer because it crashed last night while doing my C++ coursework, loosing all my hard entered comments... (more...)
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Contents not included

In a conversation with Ant's mum, Russ moaned about not having serving spoons for the kitchen. Ant's mum reminded informed us (more...)
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November 28, 2002

Blue Haired Ants?

Got this in my inbox from Ant earlier today... have you put the pic of my blue hair on the... (more...)
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November 26, 2002

Fear the beer?

Unlike the rest of his housemates, Ed appears to not fear the beer when it comes to meeting coursework deadlines...... (more...)
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November 25, 2002

So that's why the fridge smells....

Today I opened the fridge and it was just too much to handle... why does the fridge smell so bad?... (more...)
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November 21, 2002

Barrel time!

The time has come for us to put the home brew into the barrel for it to mature and clear.... (more...)
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November 20, 2002


It all started when we were cleaning out the beer barrel in a waiting for it's payload of 40 pints... (more...)
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November 19, 2002

Home Brew update

Hey hey, the beer is doing great. The house smells in anticipation of the great day! Wondering when the great... (more...)
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Ed is 21

It was my 21st birthday yesterday. If you were lucky enough to be in the office or online at the... (more...)
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November 16, 2002

Comic Relief?

OK, so it was Children in Need on the telly, but when we came back from the union bar we... (more...)
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November 14, 2002


It has been brought to our attention that this website is boring, silly, and quite frankly crap. ClaudeStreet apologises for... (more...)
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November 12, 2002

More beer on the way

During our shop earlier in the day we bought some more home brew kit :) This has now been mixed.... (more...)
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Internet Dead!

The internet has died :( F9 are dealing about with it, and no doubt keep updating their website with info... (more...)
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We've been shopping

Ooooh, look a full fridge and freezer - the shopping pixies must have visited. Maybe not...... (more...)
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November 10, 2002


I found these on the camera... so I've put them on the web... humm... why Ant and Phil took pictures... (more...)
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November 09, 2002

Moveable Type

We've changed the website so it's easier to update by using Movable Type. Updates might happen more frequently now...... (more...)
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November 06, 2002

School Days!

Russ and Ant before trying to whore themselves at a club night.... (more...)
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November 02, 2002


Humm... a crack is forming above Ant's door... not good!... (more...)
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