December 16, 2002

Meter readings

I woke up this morning, er, afternoon, to find a piece of card from the electricty meter reading folk. Whoops,... (more...)
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December 14, 2002

House Party: Belated Update

Humm, right I've finally recovered, I think. Time for an update... Hey, Russ! Your hair is the same colour as... (more...)
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December 11, 2002


House Party Update: We've got back from Sainsbury's... Unfortunately our little friend couldn't come with us...... (more...)
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House Party

The house is in preparation for a houseparty to celebrate Russ's 21st. Things should be good... unfortunately we only have... (more...)
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December 09, 2002

Phone Log

It's just gone ten to five in the morning and I've been doing this project since about 10pm... What project... (more...)
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December 07, 2002

Help Ant's coursework is wet

Someone (not me - I don't use it!) left the iron on the top of the coursework Ant has been... (more...)
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December 06, 2002


Needs a bit more time we feel - as currently it ain't brilliant, oh well! ETA? Who knows!?... (more...)
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December 01, 2002

Frozen Spag Bol to Plate: A Brief How-To

Start with a frozen brick of Spag BolInsert in microwave and set to defrostAfter 20 mins the brick still... (more...)
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Oh dear we've nearly run out of vinegar...

We are students with no money... I cunning plan is hatched...... (more...)
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