What are you going to be doing with Sarah on Friday night? Don't go into too much detail!
That had better be a cell phone.
Ed: I want to do something crazy again.
Ant: And salmon and chips isn't?
I was being a bit think because I'd had a pint.
Is Ed playing with it different to me playing with it?
I've even unplugged my mouse to play with it, sometimes.
Ed: It's so she can scream the right name.
Russ: You're assuming that she'll scream here.
I'm going to try and beat the bacon while I'm in the shower.
It's the sort of view you would get if you looked at your feet.
    Ant (to Charlotte)
It goes in, but it's just too small.
Russ: [silly swiss accent] I can see you with my magnifying glass!
Ant: I'm not that small!
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How do you make it big?
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Russ: They only come in extra-large.
Ant: But I only come in small.
Land on me! I want everyone to land on me!
I want the big purple one!
This is my C&C glove, after the amount of wear my wrist got yestuday.
But geeks make excellent boyfriends! Have you checked out our website?
Oh no! I've got creamy sauce all down the front of my dressing gown.
This girl couldn't possibly look any better.
Russ: Stop playing that song!
Ant: It's not me, it's on random play!
Russ: But you've only got one song in your playlist!
She's normal sized. She's just too short for it.
There's nothing wrong with it, it's just homemade.
There's no point in drinking Stella unless you've got a wife to beat.
When you want it, it's not there. When you don't need it, it's guaranteed.
Ant, if you are ever going to take up swearing, now would be a good time to start.
Ed: When she puts in the new kitchen she is blatanly going to see our networking.
Ant: Shouldn't be a problem, we've done it neatly.
Russ and Ed collapse in hideous fits of laughter.
Your mum got well excited when she showed me.
It's not stalking, because she knew nothing about it until last night...
Russ: You'd have to deal with the accented screams from upstairs.
Ant: Well it's better than the ceiling falling in...
I think she's just significantly smaller than three people.
I'm just fed up of playing with it.